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Tuesday, January 9, 2024

And It Just Keeps Coming:

 We noticed when it rained we were getting some water in our basement. As I surveyed the area outside I noticed that the electrical run that was put in prior to our purchase entered the house at the location where the water was coming in. After a rain storm it was dry under the eves where the new electric came in so it had to be coming in from the depression left by the ditch. The drain pipe stopped right by the large rock and the rainwater was running down the hill to the ditch then following the line to the house and flooding in the basement. 

There was some extra pipe left over under the deck so I pulled a piece out and fitted it into the existing pipe and screwed it in place. Today the water coming from the gutters now runs over the ditch and so far no water in the basement. I also filled in the depression of the ditch so normal run off runs over the ditch and down the mountain. We have had 4" of rain so far and it is suppose to keep raining until tonight. Fingers crossed that it does not find another route into the basement. It took a good deal of study to figure out why the basement was getting wet but I finally concluded the water had to be coming underground where I could not see it.. Hopefully that problem is solved now. 

1 comment:

Charlotte Boord said...

New (to you) house, I guess you have to be a regular Sherlock Holmes to figure out how it all works!