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Friday, January 5, 2024

Our Dogs Go Crazy:

 Our dogs go crazy when they hear fireworks or gunfire. New Years Eve we had both. A neighbor started to set off fireworks at 7:30 PM and the dogs all went crazy trying to hide from the scary noise. After an hour when we finally got them settled down the gunshots sounded and we had to calm them down again. At midnight it sounded like a battle zone as gunshots were non-stop and there were automatic weapons fired along with large caliber hand guns. I recognized them from my time in the military. 

In North Carolina fireworks are illegal and shooting weapons is illegal in most neighborhoods across the country as all those bullets had to come down somewhere. I guess it should be somewhat reassuring that should we ever have a terrorist attack that if they venture into this area they will be met with overwhelming firearm resistance. I expect that would be the case in many communities across our country. 

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Anonymous said...

I have the same situation with my cats! Plus I have to stand outside for up to an hour making sure none of the fireworks debris falls onto my car and burns the paint.