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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Garden Time;

I can't believe that I am starting my garden in mid February. The ground is too steep and rocky to put a garden in the ground so I will grow our vegetables in a raised garden box. The soil was too wet in the bags to put any seeds in it but as soon as it dries out some I will get some lettuce and spinach in the dirt. The garden box is on the deck under a covered roof and at the south side of the house where it will get ideal sun. 

It will also be protected from the birds and  squirrels. I have some mesh to go over the box that was left in the basement so that will give the plants a chance. I also have three rhubarb plants coming but the nursery is in Wisconsin so I have to wait for their ground to thaw before they can send it to me. I should be able to have lettuce and spinach up into the fall. 


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