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Friday, February 23, 2024

Gardening at Lower Elevation:

 When we lived in Colorado at 9,800' elevation it was extremely difficult to have a garden as the growing season was so short. It was usually May and sometimes June before I could get my seeds in the ground and a second planting was out of the question. 

Here in N. Carolina at a lower elevation - even in the mountains - we get a much longer growing season. I have planted spinach already as it is a hardy plant and will tolerate the cold and still thrive. In a couple of weeks when the possibility of frost is gone I will plan other vegetables and may even get a second planting before winter again. I'm thinking maybe some cherry tomatoes, carrots and who knows what else.  

We have found out that we have blueberry and blackberries in the back yard and an apple tree that is in serious need of some fertilizer spikes and attention. Maybe I will plant some strawberries for good measure. 

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