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Saturday, April 18, 2009

We need the moisture!

Well, after forgetting to do this last Sunday I thought I would start doing these on Saturday---if I can remember.  You probably saw on TV that CO was supposed to get a lot of snow.  Well, we got around 17" on Friday and it has still been coming down off and on all day today.  It is a wet snow so it compacts down and makes it a bit harder to have an accurate measurement.  Bruce figures we have gotten a total of 209" so far this season.  "They" show precip near the end of next week but in what form you never know!!!

Bruce got the trusty Kubota out this morning and moved snow off the driveway, mostly with the blade.  Seems as though the snowthrower may have been "frozen". Hopefully it will work the next time he gives it a try.

The GSD's love playing in the snow and the more secure Sarah (on the left) feels here, the more time they spend running around.  Sarah is always the chaser and Bozwell, the chasee.  You can see he has some snow on his nose here---and she is getting ready to strike!

It looks like Sarah is saying "didja catch your breath yet??  cuz here I come!" This is the back entrance of our home---small mudroom with a door on the right (inside) to the kitchen area.  The little room behind the mudroom is entered from the kitchen and is the "breakfast room".  We added it and the mudroom onto the house after we moved out here permanently.

I had gone up to get wood out of the woodshed and just thought it looked so pretty!

I had a fun thing happen on Friday (which was also Sasha's birthday).  I was in my gmail when all of a sudden a message popped up.  It was from my roommate when we were both freshmen at SUNY Cortland (NY).  We have gotten back in touch via Facebook.  Anyway, Louise and her husband are full time Rver's and are in NM right now and headed north via Walsenburg, CO.  We are planning on getting together next week---probably Wednesday, I think.  I am so excited!  I haven't seen her for 44 years but I bet we find a lot to talk about (we gals are that way!). Another college friend that I found is in Savannah, GA and hopes to come down to Florida while I am there to visit Sasha and family.  That Facebook is pretty neat!!!

So that is all the news from this end.  Hope that you all have had a great week!!


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Mike McFall said...

Man O Man,,,you guys have such a BEAUTIFUL place!!!

Maybe we should trade places for a couple years??? :-o