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Monday, April 13, 2009

Here I am---the day after Easter!

It wasn't that I was that busy or anything---I just plain forgot to do this yesterday! Actually I remembered as I was chatting with Sasha in Florida in the early evening and then thought AAAAAH, I'LL JUST DO IT TOMORROW. Today is "tomorrow".

We had a wonderful Easter. Our on line church in Florida had an awesome service. Our God reigns and He has risen. An exciting day for all of us. We had no plans other than to have our Easter dinner together---ham, yams and a new recipe for scalloped potatos---and a bottle of Reisling wine that had been given to Bruce for his birthday last September. Still have half of a bottle left and it annoys me that we can't get it into the frig! Guess we'll just have to drink it.

In the meantime, you will see below what we woke up to yesterday.

I just need to keep reminding myself that we need the moisture!!!
In the meantime a friend had given us treats for the dogs and Bruce decided to give them to them yesterday afternoon. Bozwell's young German Shepherd teeth made quick work of his "cigar".
Same with Sarah. They both finished them off lickety split.

Gypsy, who just turned twelve, didn't go through hers as fast---fewer and older teeth. In fact, a good portion of hers is on top of the frig waiting for another time. Sarah thought she might "help" Gypsy with hers---NOT. Gypsy is a pretty mild mannered dog until some other dog decides to get near her food or treat! It didn't take Sarah long to figure that out!

So today is a new day. It is early here and the temp which was 22 around 6 a.m. is up to 31 and the sun is shining brightly. This was a heavy snow---around 14" was the best guesstimate as it compacts down. When it is heavy neither of us do any shoveling unless absolutely necessary (like trying to get out the door) as it is a back killer. It will melt down and off in a day or two.
I took this picture this morning from the spiral staircase that goes up to our sleeping loft. I carved the loon a long time ago and we call him Larry (the Loon). He keeps watch from the triangular shaped window. That is Mt. Maestas in the background---it is on the north side of LaVeta Pass. It sure is pretty!As you can see there was a giant cloud below us!
So that is life in the mountains of Southern Colorado. No big plans for this week but you never know! Y'all have a wonderful week and enjoy your Spring! We enjoy ours even though it is a lot different than one might expect! :)+

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Mike McFall said...

As long as your enjoying it thats the MAIN thing!!!!