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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From The Garden To The Table - The Same Day

Early this morning I decided to pick my Canada Red Rhubarb. I only took 5 stalks from the many on the plant. Next year we will have even more as I planted two more plants in early Spring. Four stalks was just the right amount to make a pie.

Here are the five stalks that went into the pie. From the looks of the rhubarb plant there are a couple more pies yet to be harvested.

And here is the finished product. Yumm, can't wait to get a piece of this beauty. My wife makes the very best pies and around here they don't last long.

So between cutting, hauling, hand splitting and stacking fire wood today, a beautiful pie was also made. It doesn't get any better than this - from the garden to the table in 8 hours. Yumm.


Lois & Bill said...

Wish I were there to bum some rhubarb from your stalks and I'd pay you
for a piece of pie, too,......if there were any left! I have looked all over for
rhubarb around here; grocery stores, market, etc. None to be found and
I miss it. Obviously I haven't looked in the right place, but my mother always
had rhubarb and she made pies and cooked it too. I like it combined with
strawberry jello. Takes me back a lot of years. Yours looks beautiful and

Barbara said...

What a lovely story Bruce! Nothing like home grown! Enjoy your wonderful life! Barbara