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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Leading The Good Race Of Life by Sakoieta'

We all need to recognize the need to have initiative. It is the will to survive, to come out on top, to win, to succeed, etc. It begins right where we are at in our everyday lives with the decision that it starts right now. It is the smile and quick step that gets us by any obstacles that may get in our paths. It’s the ability to see the positive, to see a rainbow and beauty while others around us are crying and complaining about the rain. It is a surge of bravery or courage that we tell our self that makes us stand straight and proud. It is the ability to use our heads and hearts and not accept or fall into a feeling of envy or fear. It is a good burst of strength that helps us understand our need to get going and get things done. The best part of self motivation is being able to follow up the will to work with good work and recognize it’s true value that what we did WAS good and no one can take that away from us. We will not wilt in the face of new opposition.

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