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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wind Sculpting

 One thing we seem to have in the mountains is frequent wind.  The wind sculpts the snow to form some interesting shapes. It also fills in the area's we have just cleared to make getting around outside easier.
 The wind levels the snow in area's normally protected by blowing it into every crevice.
 It also does very precise circles around the bottom of trees. The orange marker at the corner of the photo is a 6' marker with about 3' showing.
I walked down to where the front end loader stopped to take a photo of the road. It looks normal enough but the snow is thigh deep and I'm 6'2", and it has a crust that you break through when trying to walk. Below the crust is granular snow that offers no traction. To walk down the road now we need snow shoes. We find the snow beautiful and it muffles sound so it is very quiet here in the high country.

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