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Monday, January 2, 2017

Winter Silence

 I decided to strap on the snow shoes and hike to the other end of the property. Everything looks different in the winter with a few feet of snow on the ground. The snow muffles any noise and it is virtually silent except for the wind whispering through and above the trees. This view is from  the swing looking down toward the road.
 This is a photo of one of the two springs that run year around on our property. I didn't hike to the other one as it was hard enough snow shoeing to this one. Plenty of snow on the ground and I would have had to break new snow to get to the other spring. Breaking trail can be hard this time of year.
 This is next years firewood pile. It was stacked here so it would be easier to get. It is normally chest high but now with the snow it is barely thigh high..
Snow shoe tracks leading back to the house. Once a snow shoe path gets packed down it is easy to walk on. Get one foot off the trail and it is a much different story. The deep snow is a very good sound insulator and walking to the swing it was very quiet outside.

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