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Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Blog Coming - Check Link Below

Keep an eye out for my new blog for Mother Earth News about "High Altitude Living".  Not everyone is made for living at 9,800' elevation. The air is much thinner at this altitude and our bodies are made to function best at sea level. Some people have moved to high elevation only to find out they have altitude sickness.

Altitude sickness can be a miserable disease and if it doesn't dissipate it can lead to a terrible existence. Living in the mountains can be a wonderful experience. We have seen people move either full time or part time to the mountains who had illusions about what they were capable of. Visions of hiking our dirt roads, scaling our mountains, fishing our creeks and streams etc. all when they lack the ability to do any of these things at sea level.

Being realistic about abilities and being prone to altitude sickness can dash those misconceptions and dreams here at high elevation. Keep an eye out for the next blog....

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