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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday is here again!

Boy, it sure is amazing how the days fly by. Last Sunday I reported that I was filling up the woodshed. Well, I got some of it done but Sunday afternoon my left heel started hurting and by Monday morning I couldn't put any weight on it. After a few days of the heating pad and linament, it wasn't feeling much better. Then Thursday Bruce went to Alamosa and while there, bought some Absorbine Veterinary Linament --- ours was old and maybe had lost it's power? --- so I used that and an ICE pack and voila, it was healed. Therefore, yesterday it was back to the woodshed!

We had pretty much put all of the "cut to length" wood in the shed already so Bruce shoveled up to some wood that was cut in 6 foot lengths, tossed it down and got out the electric chain saw and loooooooooooooooooong extension cord. He cut it up and then split some of the bigger stuff. So now the woodshed is fuller!!! We should have plenty in there to get us through May.

While I was finishing up stacking the wood, Bruce went into the fenced in area of our lot and moved a bit of snow out of it. The dogs need a place to get out and run a little. The black 50 gallon barrel is where I bring the ashes from the woodstove out to each morning.

We have had pretty mild weather this past week with lots of melting and compacting down of the piles of snow. Bruce has used the blade on the tractor to move a lot of the snow out of the driveway to make room for more---which "they" say is coming. It is hard to see but this back yard has a bunch of big piles of snow in it, making it sort of like a maze for the dogs. They really like it!

The other thing I accomplished this week was making more marmalade. The 2 jars on the right are the Citrus Marmalade that I made a couple of weeks ago. The other jars are just plain Orange Marmalade. That should keep us going!

Bruce made breakfast outside on the old woodstove again this morning and added some grits to his menu. Everything was delicious, as always, but I am way too full!
Y'all have a great week! :)+

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Mike McFall said...

That'll do it every time. that was my Dad's trick. Where did you learn that? Its MIGHTY potent!!!!

Stay warm!!

S. Texas,,,now 81 deg!!:-)