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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Cowboy Breakfast on Super Bowl Sunday

Hard to believe that it is Feb. 1 already. I remember my Mom telling me when I was a young girl that as you got older, the time went by faster. Hmmmmmmm, I wondered how that could be? She was certainly right!

It was 18 sunny degrees this morning and Bruce decided to make his cowboy breakfast today---it wasn't windy---and dubbed it Super Bowl Breakfast. He cooks in our cast iron pan and griddle on the old woodstove that the contractor put in the cabin as he was building it. It isn't air tight so outside is a good place for it. Here you can see Bruce intently stirring his delicious home fries in the fying pan!
On the griddle are 3 slices of Spam and a split English muffin. Still to come were the eggs that go in the little round things there. Mmmmm, it sure was good (as always)!

Bruce took some pictures of our constant companions yesterday. This is Bozwell. He will be 2 on May 3---we got him from the German Shepherd Dog Rescue here in Colorado on March 19 last year. He is still pretty skinny. He has had an itching problem ever since we got him and thought it to be allergies and have tried EVERYTHING to no avail. We took him to the vets last Wednesday to find out that he has MITES!! They didn't even think to check that out because dogs don't have mites here in Colorado. However, he must have brought them from Ohio! He is being treated for them now with a weekly dose of medicine and hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks we will start to see less scratching. Those mites have to be making him crazy!
Next is Sarah. We don't know when she was born but was told by the rescue gal that she is "4"---so we gave her a birthday of August 27 which is when we got her. She is a real sweetie. She and her sister chased a calf into a fence and the farmer told his wife that "when I come back, if they aren't gone I am going to shoot them!". The wife was able to get them to safety (in Missouri) and long story short, Sarah is now safe with us. She is just the sweetest little dog!

And last but certainly not least is this darling gal, Gypsy. Friends of ours here in Forbes Park were doing a lot of traveling and asked us if we would take her. We had "dog sat" for her and fell in love with her. She will turn 12 on April 1---we have had her since she was 2. She has accepted the other two dogs really well and lets them know when she wants her own space.

Those three keep us entertained, exercised and on our toes all of the time!
Y'all have a great week! :)+


Mike McFall said...

WOW,,,18 deg. I would have so many clothes on that I couldn't move!!! When I was a kid on our Ranch it would get down to -20 every night for weeks on end. Sometimes it would warn way up to -0- during the day!!!
That Breakfast sure looks GOOD!! But I would have to in by the warm fire to eat it.....:-)

Those dogs are priceless,,,, Maybe Bozewell will gain some weight if he gets rid of the itch....Something is keeping him so skinny...

Keep smiling!!! Spring is just around the corner. Its FEB already!!!

Joy and Phil said...

Mmmmmm, breakfast sure looks good! You guys are wonderful for rescueing those beautiful animals ... my hat is off to you both. Stay warm! Wish we could send you some Arizona sunshine ...
Joy and Phil