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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring time!

Well, one indicator of springtime is getting all that dirt and mud off the vehicles. We have had lots of sunshine and no precipitation. Bruce is washing the grit and grime off our 1992 Toyota truck---that was before they had "names" for all of the different varieties!If you look closely you MIGHT be able to see Mt. Maestas in the background. It is the mountain that is on the north side of LaVeta Pass on Rte. 160.Bruce is looking over our lot to decide which, if any, trees need to come down in order to protect our home in case of wildfire. We have only gotten a little over half of the average amount of snow so it will be very, very dry this summer.As you can see we still have quite a lot of snow! This is the path that we must keep dug out to get from the house to the woodshed.

We went for a hike a couple of weeks ago and found this skull and rack from a 10 point buck. Folks pay for these!!!! Bruce mounted it over the woodshed door.

We have really been enjoying the spring-like weather but hope that we get a couple more heavy wet snows. They always melt off and in quickly and give us lots of moisture.
Enjoying the NCAA playoffs. I am from the Syracuse, NY area (go Orange!) and Bruce is from Lansing, MI (go Spartans!!!).
Have a great week, everyone. :)+

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