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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Birthday and more snow!!!

I forgot to mention earlier in the week that we celebrated Gypsy's 12th birthday on April 1. We go all out for our pups! Each of them had an egg on their morning kibble and then after lunch, they each got a piece of this strawberry cake with vanilla icing AND a little dab of vanilla ice cream. What Gypsy doesn't understand is why she only gets one piece and Bruce and I eat the rest!!!

Around 4 o'clock yesterday as we were settling in to watch Michigan State play basketball (and they won---YAY!) it started snowing. And it continued on and on and on. This is what we saw when we got up this morning....about a foot of the pretty white stuff.

No cowboy breakfast today!!! Here is the snow covered wood stove and picnic table.

Looking up to the woodshed. I did shovel a path this time as I think that the weather folks are saying that we are to get more snow this week. As they say THE WINTER WE NEVER HAD.

Bruce got out the tractor (snow thrower on the front and blade on the back) to move some of the snow off the driveway. Our road did get cleared around 10 o'clock but since we didn't have any place to go, we didn't care!

I wonder if this will be the last time he has to use the tractor to move snow? Bet not!

We will be in front of the TV tomorrow night cheering MSU on. Bruce is from Lansing, Michigan so he is a great fan---and I will support him!!!
Have a great week, everybody! :)+


Mike McFall said...

Hey, I think Gypsy is right,you two should get a piece and she get the REST!!!!

I'll bet Bruce loves's it when it snows and he gets to use his TOY!! That looks like FUN!!!

Now, THAT was a great POST!!!

I felt like I was right there in that snow with were excellent!!

Hope your team wins!!

OH, ya I did a lot of fun things when I was YOUNG, but I was BORN a Cowboy. Followed Rodeo circut for 6 years...

Cheers to you guys!


Joy and Phil said...

What I want to know is why I didn't get a piece LOL!!

Looks yummy :)