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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spring has sprung...and not just the season!

When the weather gets nice we take advantage of it.  Yesterday Bruce took down some dead pine trees---I help by pushing them over---and delimbed the trees. I make piles of those limbs.  Here he is using the trusty Kubota chipper/shredder to make some mulch.  He finally took the snowthrower off the front of the tractor---keep your fingers crossed that we don't get 3 feet of snow!

The mountain we live on has a whole bunch of springs on it and when they let loose at this time of year, they produce a lot of water.  I walked about 1/4 mile up the mountain (key word being UP) to take some pictures of this one.  There isn't really a "spring" like a hole in the ground with water coming out of it---but the whole hill has water seeping out of it. This starts on the greenbelt behind us, comes through the neighboring lot and then onto ours.

It forms quite the stream!
The lower it gets in elevation, the more swiftly the water runs.  If it were a little wider we could white-water raft on it!!

I am standing in the driveway and you can see where the stream is. Near where the white marker is, Bruce put a 4" PVC pipe under the driveway for the water to run through.  The first time this happened a few years ago, Bruce woke up and heard water rushing---and walked outside to see this section of our driveway with about a 3' deep ditch in it --- ACROSS the driveway!!  We hurried up and got the shovels out.

This is looking up toward the driveway from the road---McElmurray Falls---where the water finally reaches it's destination of a ditch.  Then it goes down the side of the road, under the road through a culvert and washes out part of our neighbor's driveway! Not much more can be done at our end other than what we have already done.

Yesterday we were outside working in shirtsleeves.  This morning it was 30 degrees and "moist" so Bruce started a fire in the woodstove inside and then one in the outside woodstove and he cooked a cowboy breakfast for just the two of us!!! Yummy as always.

As I write this Bruce is outside replacing the blade in the chipper as there is lots to do!

The other "fun" thing I did is set up a blog for the use of anyone who wants to but primarily for those who have an interest in Forbes Park (the community in which we live) and this area of Colorado.  I have harped and harped about the lack of timely communication here and decided to go ahead and do it myself. Check it out at 

So that, my friends, has been the last couple of days around our place.  Have a good one....we will!  And Happy Mother's Day to any gals who read this. :)+


Coffeedoff said...

Lovely place to be!

Mike and Pat McFall said...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY CAROL!!! You are doing a great job with the Blog. Keep up the good work.

We are in Lingle, WY...should be to Custer this afternoon. We are ready to get back to the Black Hills.


Mike McFall said...

WOW!!! You are doing an absolutly fabulous job with your Blog!!!! Gee am I proud of you!!!!

A "link" to your Forbes Blog would sure be nice!!:-)

Sorry I was so late this morning with my Blog,,,,I was up and at'em at 4am, but Man O Man,,,am I SLOW!!!!

Gosh that Breakfast of Bruce's looks SO GOOD!!! My mouth is watering!!!

Yes it would be FUNNY, but GREAT if TY won the Dancing with Stars.
I actually think now it is a challange for him to do good. Before I think he wanted OUTTA HERE! I know I would have.....Ha Ha!
We'll be home soon!!!



Ron and Thelma said...

What is a cowboy breakfast. It looks good.