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Sunday, May 3, 2009


OK, so I said I was going to do these on Saturday but I forgot!!! You just never know when one will show up I guess, huh?

Well, it appears that spring has finally sprung. We have had a lot of melting this week and plus yesterday it actually RAINED instead of snowed! Today the sun is out and it is another beautiful day in Southern Colorado.

I have joined a group that is making pillowcases and drawstring bags for our wounded troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. They said to make them of cheerful fabric. The only place "nearby" that we have to buy fabric (at a reasonable price) is Wal Mart. The drawstring bags are of the Beatles!!

I found Looney Tune fabric for the pillowcases---I hope that they don't keep the guys/gals awake!
I am now making some more pillowcases out of Disney characters. When they are done I will put them all in one box and mail them off. Did you know that if you go to you can get those flat rate boxes with AMERICA SUPPORTS YOU OUR MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN on them?? And they are FREE!! When I get to Florida I hope to be able to go to a fabric store and purchase some more "cheerful material".

I got some new pics of the grandkids this week. This is Aiden loving on his sister Ava. They are in Virginia and I think they are tooooooooooo cute!

And here are Jonathan and Tiff in Florida. I will get to give these two some hugs at the end of this month when I go for my yearly visit. I am going to take the camera with me so will be able to keep up on the blog.

Today is Bozwell's 2nd birthday so the next post will have some pictures of him and his lemon birthday cake with lemon icing. Bruce is outside trying to dig some postholes. We are going to replace the fencing we have enclosing the backyard as it has gotten pretty worn what with bears running through it!!!
So that is all for this time. Have a great week! :)+

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Mike McFall said...

Your pictures just keep getting better and better...