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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday post

Phew, that took me awhile to get all of those downloaded and now I will tell ya what they are all about....and you will see how many pictures there are! 

If you want to enlarge the pictures, give them a click!

On Friday and then again on Sunday I got to have lunch  with my college friend, Carol.  I hadn't seen her since 1968 and it sure was nice to see her twice in a 3 day period!  She lives in Savannah and went to see a friend a little further on down the pike.

I met my on line Northland sister-in-Christ, Sharon, at Northland.  It is fun to meet folks that I have only known by their pictures and their words---and to give them a hug.

And this is my friend Kate, another on line friend from Northland.  She and I have gotten to know each other pretty well over the internet and it was nice to see her in person too---and give her a hug!  Been lots of hugs during this Florida visit! We met at Cracker Barrel in Sanford...and Sasha and Jonny went with me.....and then....

after we got home, I went up to the guest room to get my hat as Sasha and I were going out to lay in the sun and this is what I did to my little toe on the leg of the bed.  Major OUCH!  There is an urgent care right down the road so off we went.

After I had a couple of ouchy shots on either side of where the toe meets the foot they reduced it.  It only made a tiny POP---of course it was only a tiny toe!  It was taped to the next toe and I was told to make an appointment with a foot doctor so I did....and saw him on Wednesday. Apparently he thought that it was done A-OK as he sent me on my way.

Yesterday/Thursday we went to Kennedy Space Center.  Jonathan will be 11 on September 19 so I figured that he was old enough to both enjoy and understand.

Sasha took this pic of he and me at the entrance.  See the space guy over the entrance?

Sasha took this picture on our tour and it wouldn't be here if I got all of the pictures in sequence---but I didn't.  The launch will be tomorrow at 7:17 a.m. and we will watch it from this neighborhood.  Sasha says that we will see the large orange tank disengage!!!  We will also record it so we can watch it again.

Jonny and me with some astronauts! oh, by the way, I have one of those pretty "shoes" on my foot so was unable to walk---so Jonny and Sasha "pushed me around" all day.  Talk about good timing---got to be on and off the bus first, front rows, etc.  

Sasha and Jonny with the same astronauts.

The Rocket Garden.  Bet this is really cool at night as there are lights to shine on them.

Who could resist these?

This is the Astronaut Memorial...huge.  That is Jonny looking at it.

A plaque honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice in space exploration.
We took a lot more pictures but I didn't want to bore you TOO much!  Suffice it to say that it was a picture perfect day, weather wasn't too too hot,  and it wasn't crowded.

While we were there, Sasha received a phone call from a gal wanting to "know if Jonathan would be available this summer if he were selected for the 10 year old ALL STAR BASEBALL TEAM".  Yes, yes, yes.  He was sooooooooooo excited and had to call his Dad to tell him.  Then he said THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER. GOT TO COME TO KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, MADE THE ALL STAR BALL TEAM AND WE'RE GONNA SEE STAR TREK!!!!!!!!!!!  I was happy to be part of his "best day ever"!  

And then we did go in to see STAR TREK  at the IMAX THEATER.  Seeing it up close and personal on a screen that was 5 stories tall was really something.

So that about wraps up this week.  The time in Florida has been fun and eventful but it is time to head back to Colorado on Tuesday and help get things done---the best I can, anyway, with a bum foot.  I will have to wear this "shoe" for another 3 weeks after I get back. 

Bruce has reported seeing some bear and I hope that we will get some pictures of it or them to post soon.

Have a wonderful week---God is good!  :)+

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Mike McFall said...

OUCH!!! That's a painfull way to get pushed around...Does it hurt?? Hope it heals fast....Have a safe trip home..May God be with you..