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Saturday, June 20, 2009

A rainy Saturday

I flew back home on Tuesday---thankfully non-eventful flights but a long day none the less. The connections out of Denver to Alamosa are few and far between so I had a 3 hour layover there. Got a lot of reading done and people watching too. Not easy gimping around with my broken toe but I survived.

I had a great last few days in Florida. It always seems as though the time flies by and we never get everything done that we intend to do---like going to Busch Gardens (they had free or reduced price tickets) and the beach. BUT I did get to see old friends and meet new ones and had a lot of time with Sasha, Jonathan and Rick. It was a great visit.

This lady is Rick's Mom, Lenore, but we all call her Nana. She will be 91 next month and is an amazing lady. I love her, her positive attitude and her loving heart.

(click on pics if you wish to enlarge)

Monday night we all went to Red Lobster for dinner---Sasha, Rick, Jonathan, and me---and when we came home, decided to take some pictures. Rick had changed into shorts and the t-shirt Bruce and I gave him for his birthday. That is Nittany Carlysle on Sasha' lap.

Sasha and me...............

Bruce and the pups did just fine without me here but they were all glad to see me. Bruce did a lot of work around the house outside and since there was a lot of rain resulting in dampness, he had to keep the wood stove going a lot more than normal. It is so pretty and green; it started raining during the night and still is so it will be an "inside" day for us. I think I will get some bread started to warm up the house.

Hope you all have had a great week and will check in with you next Saturday! :)+


Mike McFall said...

Its good to have you home and enjoyed your nice trip...

Now its time to crank up and head to the BLACK HILLS,,,,,Its starting to warn up and its really green here to!!!


Deeda said...

What does he mean, "crank up" ... just get ready to go adventuring? I am so glad I finally found your site! I love the pictures!!! Are those mountains near you? Do you live in them? WOW. What absolute and awesome beauty! Talk to you today, I'm sure (lol) and now that I have found your site, I'll be a regular visitor! Love in stuff! :)+Deirdre

Deeda said...

I couldn't tell whether my comment posted or not;the word verification thingy didn't tell me! So, if not, I said in a nutshell that I am really glad I found your neat site and that I will check in frequently! Love ya' :)+ Deirdre