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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Milling wood

The big project for this week was milling out wood. Last Saturday Bruce set up the Lucas Wood Mill (while I went to a picnic) and then we got started! Bruce does the hard work of the milling---I grab the culls or the good wood off the log and carry them to wherever he wants them laid. This time it was up the mountain a little ways so I got lots of good exercise!

This is the first pile that we accumulated.

Bruce loaded it onto the trailer which was attached to the Kubota tractor and pulled it up the trail to the deck on the woodshed.

This is the second and last pile that we did. Lots of good wood there and it is cut "true"---not what you get when you buy it at the lumber yard.

Steve and Vicky came over Thursday morning for "cowboy breakfast". They live a couple of miles from us but it seems that we don't get together very often.....everyone stays so busy....we sure do enjoy their company!

The purpose for milling the wood is to replace the fence posts that hold up the fence in our "back yard". First thing---mixing cement. Well, actually, the first thing was the hardest---digging post holes where it is all rock! Hammer and chisel helped but it was tough and tedious.

Putting the cement in the hole...........

and making sure it is level.

Bozwell was doing an excellent job of supervising!!!

Today will be more positioning and cementing. Next Monday Bruce will go into Alamosa to get the fencing and then we will be good to go.

As for me, I have been holding down the fort, making bread and cookies and being very busy with the Global Missionary Outreach. I have been made a Community Leader and have 20 people that I "supervise". I am loving doing it!

So that is all from this end. Hope this past week has been a good one for anyone who reads this and that next week will be even better. :)+


Mike McFall said...

Man, there is some mighty GOOD wood there!! that would cost megabucks at the lumber yard!!..

I believe either Bob Parke or bradley Cooley had one of those in Florida.

I can see you have been BUSY!! Congratulations on the Church leadership program....

Tomorrow we have church under a Tent and Pancake Breakfast and Sausage after. I have to be there at 6am to set up the tent.....

pancakes aren't on my food management plan, but I might ask for special permission....:-)

Nice Blog.

Dulany F Sriner said...

I often think it would be fun doing what you are doing more living off the land but then again, it sure sounds like a lot of hard work! Rewarding but a lot of work. keep on posting. I guess that could be blogging or fence posting.