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Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday, and Memorial Day

We were invited to a gathering of folks who support Michael Bennet for US Senator. He was appointed by our governor to fill the spot left vacant by Ken Salazaar when he went to Washington. We replied affirmatively to the RSVP and had a great time! Senator Bennet is standing in front of one of the three guys who were painted on the wall! This is a place in LaVeta.

Bruce asked the man that was with him if Senator Bennet would mind him taking his picture and he said NO, WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR PICTURE TAKEN WITH HIM AS WELL?? Who could refuse that offer!? We were the only ones besides the man that organized the event to have our picture taken with the Senator and we may end up being in the LaVeta Signature (newspaper).

One of the bonuses we have living where we do is an abundance of hummingbirds. Last year we had one fly into the window and it was injured. As the little guy lay there shaking, Bruce went out and picked it up and held it and stroked it until it somewhat recovered. It hung around the rest of the year but clearly wasn't quite right, even after it recovered. It kept its feathers fluffed up like it was always cold even when it was hot outside. It held its head different too, and it would sometimes just sit on the feeder and look distracted staring off into space. It also had body tremors and shakes. The other hummingbirds did not chase it off, and seemed to be protective of it. They fight and squabble with each other but not this little one. We did not think it would survive but it turned out to be a real fighter.
Remarkably it returned this year from its migration and it is easy to tell it is the exact same hummingbird. We don't have a photo of it because it always seems to be on the other side of the feeder. We have sometimes 20-25 hummingbirds flitting around but this little guy is easy to spot and has captured our hearts with his courage and desire to survive. God sends inspiration in the smallest of packages sometimes.
We fly the flag of the USA proudly on Memorial Day and every other day as well. Thanks to all who gave their lives so that the rest of us may enjoy the freedoms that we do.


Mike McFall said...

I like your Blog!! Well done. I wish we all had time and the place like you both do to study and appretiate nature. It must be a wonderfull experience... The Birds,wild animals, trees, plants, your pets and dozens of other things.... You are BLESSED!! I know you love it!!!
God Bless.....
Keep the creativity going!!

Karen Zilverberg said...

What a wonderful blog and a magnificent life.

God bless you in everything you do and say.

Mike McFall said...

I think I would vote for BRUCE!!!