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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2

CRASH!! What just slammed into the window????
Getting ready to take our doggies for a walk first thing this morning and just as I was getting ready to take them out Carol saw a blur and thud. A mountain chickadee had just flown full speed into the window. She told me about the accident and that it fell off the window in a cloud of feathers. I went out and sure enough there it was still alive but it couldn't move. As usual I cradled it in my hand; it was smaller than my thumb and a young bird at that. I kept it warm and stroked its head and talked to it. It could not get its equilibrium and kept falling over on its side but was not bleeding anywhere.
I held it and talked to it for probably 15-20 minutes and finally it could be upright but had no clue where it was or when it could go home. I finally left it perched on the shelf and told it I would be back in a half hour as it seemed to be recovering and God had good things for it to accomplish in its life yet.
We took the dogs for a walk and came back and it was still there. A little unfocused but clearly recovering. I picked it up again and gave it more strokes, talked to it some more, and shortly it had recovered enough to fly up and perch on an Aspen limb just above me. Another 10-15 minutes it was mostly back to its old self and flew off to make its way in the world.
It is important that an injured bird be kept calm and I do that by talking to them and stroking their head lightly. They also need to be kept warm and I do that by cradling them in my hand. They are so tiny and fragile and totally disoriented that without care they would die. When they have recovered some of their sense I hold them so they can see me and let them know they are safe. That is probably why the birds hang around the house and will sometimes light less than a foot away from where I am. I have done this for birds dozens of times and for birds of all species. It took almost a half of a day one time to help a harry woodpecker recover. They are not just another bird, but one of God's special creatures and not a one falls to the earth without Him knowing about it. If we can help them when they are in need we do so. (written by Bruce)


And so here it is time to do more wood work. Bruce had made a number of really big piles of dead and downed trees, limbs, etc. he started doing some chainsawing. Then we piled them on the trailer and the tractor pulled the wood down to the wood shed. The shed is full. Now we start on the piles that are outside the woodshed. We have loooooooooong winters!

The wildflowers are finally coming out. Here are some that we saw as we walked along our road this afternoon.

Today was my Dad's birthday. This picture was taken in 1992, a year before he died. Bruce made the croquet mallets for Mom and Dad the Christmas before and even had personalized brass plates on them. Happy birthday, Dad.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog. I would love to live on a mountain top. Like you I'm a bird rescuer. They fly into my windows and I go out, pick them up and stroke them until they are ready to fly. I have a mourning dove that I rescued who will set on the porch and talk to me. She may still be a little rattled. Thanks again for the blog.

Mike McFall said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!! WOW,,,where did that come from? Ole Bruce has been holding out on us....BEAUTIFUL writing Bruce!!! You sure captured my heart,,,,Well done. Now THAT is what it takes to write a BLOG!!!!
Keep that up and your followers and hits will surpass mine in no time....It really touches your heart!