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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bird photo's - by Bruce

Here is a photo of mama fly catcher sitting on a brood of three little pink blobs. When she goes to eat I have a mirror that I hold up over the nest and have watched the progression of her family. From three tiny eggs to three little blobs of pink. She has built on this very same spot now for several years. If you look carefully you can see her perched on her nest.
Here is mama robin with a beak full of moths that she plans to feed the three chicks in the following photo. I guess if I was nasty I would send a copy of the photo to the forester who said that birds don't eat the moths of spruce bud worm because they taste bad to them. Look carefully and you will see she has a beak full of taste buds. LOL I don't see the chicks rejecting any or turning their beak up at this offering. Gulp, gulp, gulp.....
Actually I think she has a thing with Ms. fly catcher as they both nest 5' apart in the exact same place every year. It is now tradition.
If those baby robins get any fatter they will never get airborne at the appropriate time. They will just hop from the nest and bounce along the ground. Or maybe it is just baby fat and they will work it off.

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