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Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall is in the air - by Bruce

The elk are bugling and the smell is in the air that fall is here. We had two elk in the back yard and two elk in the front yard and could hear the bugling coming from several directions. The smell of fall is potent and overwhelming when you go outside.

The Aspen trees are starting to show yellow and that is a sure sign that fall is upon us. I have read that the leaves change when the days get shorter, and some say when the temperature turns cool, and still others say it depends on the rain. As for me I don't know which is true or maybe all three play a role but I sure do enjoy the beautiful colors. Some Aspen tree's turn bright yellow and others will be yellow with some orange and red. It is a great time of the year and regretfully tells us it won't be long now before we start getting snow.
I know the hunters like to have snow on the ground during hunting season but I could wait a little longer. I'm also hesitant to put a photo of elk on the blog or mention them as I don't know who accesses this blog and over the years we have had problems with poachers on our road. The game warden caught some one year but they seem to just get more sophisticated in their illegal activity. This time of year we keep the 800 number to report poachers right by the telephone.
I just hope my next post aren't photo's of snow, but it has been getting cold enough to snow if we had the moisture.

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Barbara said...

I love your nature photography Bruce, but most of all the ones of the animals! They're the best!