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Friday, September 17, 2010

Wolf Refuge - by Bruce

Yesterday was a typical Colorado day with cool temperatures and blinding blue skies and a gentle breeze. After I replaced a broken outside flood light we decided to take the drive over to the Wolf Refuge. It is about 1 1/2 hours drive from us and the drive is through the mountains and back country and is absolutely beautiful.

Below is one of the wolves at the refuge. The refuge was founded and is run by Kent Weber and we like to visit the wolves during the week as Kent is not so busy and it is always nice to be able to spend some time with this very knowledgeable man. He rescues wolves from all over the N. American continent. They are non profit and attract volunteers from all over the world that come to care for and keep the compound in good condition. Kent has many acres and each wolf compound (of which there are many) has a family that are able to run and be as free as possible.

The photo of the wolf below is one he took in that someone shot and left for dead. It was found and nursed back to health and brought to him to care for the rest of her days. The gun shot did take one of her legs so she only has three legs and is in with another wolf that only has one eye.

If you want to visit Kent's web site log on to Spend 10 minutes with Kent and you will find that many myths about wolves are untrue. He has ambassador wolves that he brings out to meet people and it is astounding to see how fast they gravitate to people who like them and avoid those who don't. Get a wolf kiss up close and personal. These are just amazing animals and some go up to 150 pounds and are as gentle as kittens.

If you have preconceived ideas about wolves then it would be beneficial to learn from an expert like Kent their true behavior and value. Not something to be shot on sight or from an airplane, but something to be admired.

Below are two photo's of the Aspen trees and a Colorado meadow that we stopped to take on the trip over. Some mountains with an abundance of Aspen trees are all yellow and red and orange. It simply takes your breath away. We would love to see photo's of the change of color where you live. This is what our meadows and mountains look like in the fall time.

So until next time enjoy the world around you and count your blessings. Click on the photo's to enlarge them.


Barbara said...

I loved that I could click on the picture of the wolf to make it larger.......beautiful majestic animal! As always thanks for sharing these beautiful wildlife pictures with your readers!

Raylene said...

I enlarged the picture of the wolf and immediately wanted to reach out and scratch behind it's ears! I will forward the site to both of my kids--they share the respect of the wild and I am sure their children will as well.

Bruce said...

I love wolves and admire their characteristics and wildness. It is so sad that they are so badly characterized.

I know what you mean Raylene: But to try to scratch this guy would at best cost you some fingers or a hand. They live well, have excellent vet care, well fed, water, and natural environment but they are still wild as we heard them kick up a good group howl while we were there.
I don't know why but when you hear them do that it gives me goose bumps. Of all their good traits I think it is the wildness that they maintain that I admire the most.

Bruce said...

I just reread my post and I need to amplify a wolf kiss. Kent puts the ambassador wolf on a very large chain, the wolf is generally in the vicinity of 150# and you sit on a log and the wolf goes fast around the circle and will kiss you smack dab on the mouth with a good juicy slobbery kiss. If they really like you they will put your face in their mouth which is a wolf's way of showing affection. It is at that point a good thing to hold perfectly still as to try to pull away will leave your face in the wolf's mouth. If you don't pull back they won't even dent the skin. It is amazing to have a VERY large animal with big teeth consume your face. That is a wolf kiss and some rare affection. Oh yeah, don't try to tongue the wolf unless you are fully prepared for what comes next.