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Friday, December 31, 2010

Energy efficient

Here is a comment by folks who have a very energy efficient home.

Passive solar, straw bale cabin passes the test!

Our cozy cabin [1200 square feet] is at 8200 feet, 5 miles east of La Veta Pass in southern Colorado. Our sole source of heat is a centrally located wood burning stove. When we go to bed, we let the fire die out. Last night it got down to zero degrees outside, but when we got up the cabin was still at 62 degrees. We had it back up to 70 in no time. The efficiency is amazing.

Happy New Year to all!

Mary Anne and Manuel

This is first hand testimony on the efficiency of Straw Bale construction and the closed circuit of a wood burning stove. If any readers are considering (or know someone who is) an energy efficient home or cabin they might want to contact Mary Anne or Manuel.

Mary Anne and Manual are the one's that took the magnificent bear photo's of which I use one as my desktop scenery. They were posted to the blog a couple months ago.

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