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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nice and warm here - by Bruce

We woke up to minus 8 degrees this morning with wind blowing the 7" of snow we got yesterday between 50-60 mph. Wind chill of minus 48 degrees. It was 51 degrees inside the house. It is up to 55 now and climbing. A day to hunker down by the wood stove for the doggies. Bozwell claimed the cherished spot first but as soon as he gets up one of the other dogs will quickly claim the place.

When they are done keeping warm the bowl games should come on and then Dad will take the spot to watch football. Mom's recliner is right by the wood stove so she doesn't have to wrangle for the spot. Just hope the power doesn't go off due to the high wind. That is a likely possibility as the power lines come over the mountain top. We cook with propane and heat with a wood stove and keep plenty of fresh water on hand along with food so we will be okay if it does but will miss the football games today. We have our fingers crossed that the power will stay on.
Happy New Year everyone.


Ron and Thelma said...

Have a Happy New Year to you folks. Hope you had power to watch the bowl games We are travling down to the rgv in Tx

Bruce said...

Fortunate for us the power stayed on until just after we went to bed last night. Got to see the games and while not happy with the outcome of some it had to be exciting for those kids to get to a bowl game.
Have safe travels and hope you don't run into the wind we are still having here. Strong enough to blow you right off the road... Happy New Year..