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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Milling lumber - by Bruce

So many trees and time has run out to turn them into lumber. I really love my Lucas wood mill because I can mill out about 2000 bf a day with it. There always seems to be a project where I need dimensional lumber and being able to custom cut my lumber from tree's that have died is a bonus.
Unfortunately getting those trees to the mill or getting the mill to those trees has become to great of a task. As I sit here pondering, (something I do a lot of) I realize that the years have now robbed me of the agility to man handle large logs. Between shoulders, hips, knees and various other ache's and pains the time has come to sell the mill. Difficult decision because I really love that mill. It is the most precise mill I have ever had and I've owned three different mills.
This mill now sells for $12,000.00 and my mill has less than 70 hours on it. Just barely past the break in stage and is like new. I have checked prices and will sell it for $5,500. which will be a bargain for someone. It has served me well and now someone else will enjoy it and it will serve them well. Besides I have run out of projects and just accumulating lumber is not a good thing when you have a small cabin and no real place to store it.
So as sad as it makes me the only choice left is to advertise it and sell it. I will miss it but to move logs I would have to invest heavily in a front end loader attachment for my tractor and that is just not justified at this stage of my life. I am going to hate to see that mill go but someone will greatly benefit from such a wonderful machine.

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