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Friday, May 6, 2011

sniff the air.

This explains why when we let the dogs out the other night three noses went into the air all at the same time. Often we do not see the bears but the dogs know they are around. It was dark out and they smelled the bear. Three heads all turned and looked in the same direction at exactly the same time. Sometimes the bear will get curious and wander up to the house to check things out but mostly we just see signs of them. If it is dark outside we have three very excellent bear detectors. They are flawless.


Barbara said...

OMG................seeing this would be enough to keep me inside a lot more! Are you ever afraid that the bears will attack the dogs.......especially the old one? I'd be a nervous wreck that my dog/dogs would be ripped apart! Even though you've never had this happen before, I'd always worry about the "first time!" Barbara

Bruce said...

Anything can happen I guess but when you live with bears you either learn to live with them or run unnecessary risks.
I just got off the phone with Mother and I will post a blog on bears for them in the future.
I have been within inches of bears and had no fear. I'll tell you what - I'll post a blog here in the next couple days on bears/dogs/danger.
Not much to get excited about with them if you use your common sense.

Carol said...

when our dogs are outside, they are either on leash or in the fenced in area of the back yard...and one of us is always out there with them. we love them too much to take a chance on losing wildlife or to a run around the area!

Patricia said...

Awesome! My first (and so far, only) encounter with a bear was last year in Idaho Springs. I looked out the window of the cabin where we were staying to see a BIG black bear shaking the heavy, weighted/ bear proof trash can as if it were nothing. I clapped my hands and told him/her to "GIT!" and it scampered into the shadows. All the same, we were pretty careful after that.

Raylene said...

I, too, used to sniff the air before I went far out from the house--read that to be "too far to run to save myself" from any visiting bear--when I would walk the dog in the evening. Bear have a very distinctive perfume--learned that in one of the National Parks when a bear was poking around the trash that the kids left outside! Always seemed to be a good idea to take a deep breathe when stepping out after dark--no matter where or when!