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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Agenda For The Day:

Our agenda is set for today. Much like yesterday and the day before that. We woke up to 10 degrees outside and the two inches of fresh snow we got yesterday makes for a cold day. It was so nice and warm inside the house we didn't bother to build up the fire in the wood stove last night so it's now down to 49 degrees inside the house. It is warming up but the dogs have had to go out twice already. When one needs to go out the others suddenly realize that they all need to go out for company or just to re-mark the back yard.

The nice thing about 2" of fresh snow is that it covers up all the yellow snow and looks fresh again. So today the agenda is set, just like the sign by the back door says. When the temperature drops like it did last night there is no wasted time outside for the dogs, they attend to business and want to come right back in and stand by the wood stove.

With the exception of the obvious agenda in the sign our only agenda today is to try the sleds down the driveway. With the wet snow from yesterday, the above freezing temperatures after the snow, the hard freeze last night - conditions should be ideal. We will see if today is the day to sled down the driveway with the bobsleds. If so, watch for upcoming photo's....

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DogMom said...

We have the same schedule as you! We are thankful when the weather is nice 'cause then we just leave the door open!