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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Awesome Story

This is a great story shared by a regular viewer of the blog. Published with Raylene's permission and a story with a moral. Thanks for sharing. Bruce

Back in 1956, summer evenings in Central New York were often spent in my front yard watching the beginnings of the space program's Sputniks fly among the stars. My Dad was in awe of the program and what it represented in our ability to create/explore. Well, this morning, in front of my lap top in the kitchen, while on the phone to his grandson, we shared the launch to Mars--containing equipment my Dad's Grandson, my son had invented to explore Mars.....needless to say, I had tears and was all choked up.
Back in elementary school, this man/child was labeled as being Learning Disabled and I was pretty much told he would never "amount to anything". Lots of research later, I found information that supported my theory that he just Learned Differently as he was certainly smarter than I was and I function pretty darn well! Let's face it----that is what science is all about--thinking differently. He had great science teacher's and math teachers in middle and high school who understood that he thought differently than the typical kid and was able to do things in different ways to achieve the same outcome or a better result. Thankfully, that same conclusion was reached by several of his teachers at one of Virginia's well known universityies when he came up with new ways to invent the wheel --sometimes with a better wheel. If there is a moral to this story, it is to believe in your beliefs--don't expect that others must share your belief--just encourage them to accept the possiblity that it could be so...and keep the Serenity Prayer as one of the voices in your heart.

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