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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Before And After Photos

Here are before and after photo's. One taken just before the snow came and two right after the snow came. The snow still remains on the ground and so far this winter (actually I guess it is fall in most places) we have received 60" of snow. Only two hundred more inches to go and we will be at our yearly average. Weather predictions are good for the next week but we haven't really gotten to our real snow season yet, but have a good start toward meeting our average snow fall.

Next snow fall we get hopefully will be enough to do some sledding down our driveway. That is great fun and good exercise hiking back up the driveway. We searched for years for a good sledding spot without success and finally hit upon our driveway. We can sled down our driveway into the road and then down the road for a couple hundred yards. Now all we need is more snow... when it happens we will post photos here for all viewers to enjoy.

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