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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cross Reference Post

I posted a blog for Mother Earth News today that is near and dear to my heart. Adopting a rescue dog. Having processed several hundred applicants I find some people are simply born without common sense or they have lost it some where along the way as their life progressed. The idea of adopting a rescue dog is that you can give the dog a loving home and safe and secure future where it will be a significant part of the family. One applicant recently wanted to adopt a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) to keep coyotes and deer out of their yard. Another woman had 7 inside cats, two 5 pound dogs and wanted to adopt a GSD because she liked the look of them. Another one wanted a dog to keep her safe on long distance runs because her 4 year old boxer couldn't keep up. Another one to sit in the car as a deterrent.

These dogs are in rescue because the owner no longer wanted them or couldn't keep them. Many have been tortured, abused, neglected or simply chained in the yard as as a deterrent. In short their life up until they are rescued has not been ideal. This particular breed of dog is equal in intelligence to a 7 year old child. Our last Shepherd (Ben) could tell time, count, knew his left from his right, had an unbelievable vocabulary. Most people humanize them but the fact remains they are highly intelligent (sometimes more so than their owners) and they are viewed by some 'just a dog'.

Then there are the exemplary adopters. They are all about putting the welfare of the rescued dog first and giving them the very best home possible. Those people don't always have the greatest home, biggest bank account but what they do have is an endless love for the dog they rescue. It could be a mutt from the pound or it could be a specific breed of dog like the GSD. It is best to understand first and foremost the characteristics of the breed or mixed breed they plan to adopt. Many choose a breed like they would a new car. They choose the one that looks good to them or that they would look good in, not the one that may because of its characteristics be best suited to them.

Since it is nearing the holidays where people want a dog for a child because it is cute or someone to occupy that child it was time to post this topic. So I posted my blog today and if you want to see it go to:

If you are thinking of adoption, consider that the dog will be with you for many years to come and consider if the breed you are interested in suits you or is compatible with your lifestyle. But most of all are you ready to devote the time required to give that dog a balanced, harmonious, loving home. If your reasons are any where near selfish then don't do it. Some people tell me they want the dog to love them, and 'they' want companionship. That is a given with any dog but you get back only what you personally invest. Make it a major investment.


Bruce said...

You can also click on the "I blog for Mother Earth News" logo in the top right corner and it will take you to the latest blog I have done for MEN.

Robert said...

Thanks for sharing Bruce. Great article and insight!

DogMom said...

Very well said. I couldn't agree with you more. I look forward to reading your Happy Homesteader blog.

I want to thank Carol and you for visiting us at The Doggy Diary. Your interest and thoughtful comments are so appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys and Bozwell, Sarah, Echo and Gypsy there in Colorado from our crew back here in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia!

Bruce said...

Thank you Dog Mom, we both enjoy your blog site and have included it in our blogs that we follow on our site hoping that others will visit your entertaining site too. Your site does not humanize dogs but speaks from a dogs perspective which is important so others will see dogs for the blessing they really are and not just a piece of property. Thank you.

Patricia said...

People definitely need to research breeds before they adopt. We are boxer people. Boxers are great dogs: loving, loyal and smart but also very high energy and hard headed. It is heartbreaking for me to see so many boxers in rescue situations. Personally I believe that many of them are innocent victims, adopted by people who fell in love with an adorable looking puppy, but had no idea of what kind of dog they were getting. Boxers are definitely not for just anyone!