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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Elk Photos

Photos of a herd of elk that were in our back yard a while back. Now the snow covers their browse so they have left our area in search of food. Sometimes we will have herds of up to 50+ out back. When the snow melts in a few months they will be back again. Presently the elk have moved to greener pastures, the bear are hibernating, and the deer have moved down the mountain. The mountain lions have followed the deer so all we have left are a few rabbits, squirrels, and the occasional hawk or owl. We do have bob cats and coyotes that seem to hang around all year also with the rare siting of a wolf. Not much wildlife remains presently as we get ready for the next storm due tomorrow.


Deirdre said...

Such full tummies they have! :) That is one healthy herd!!! That roughened look that sort of plays over their hides in stripes, I saw something like it up here on a moose. Do you know what it is? When we saw it, it was a the turn of a season and Bob thought the big fella was molting... but we weren't sure...and now here I see it again...? Great shots. I'm glad they got to visit you and also glad they high tailed it to safety for the winter. No doubt they will remember their salt lick people with the gentle ways and will be back for many annual hellos. :)

Bruce said...

Not sure what those are but we have seen them biting themselves and leave rough spots like that. Also have seen them sort of rear up and hoove another elk when they got into their space. I don't think this was shedding though as they have their winter coats on and normally when they shed we see clumps of hair around and didn't see any.