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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Living Remote and Time Use

I just posted a new blog on Mother Earth News It is about how we manage our time and how we keep from getting cabin fever in the winter. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you lots of snow, use it to have fun and enjoy it.

Here is approximately what I posted on my face book page this morning: As I was out sweeping off the deck the sun came out following the snow storm last night. The sun filtered through the trees and make the new snow sparkle like a million diamonds every where I looked. Then I looked up and the tiny ice crystals were floating in the air and the sun make them all glitter as the different air currents carried them at different directions. It was silent and such a spectacular sight that even the feeding birds were hushed. It was like being taken and put in this snow globe to see the wonders of creation. Like God was saying to me here I did this just for you because i know you will appreciate My intricate art work. It was one of those rare moments like the time we found ourselves standing at the very end of the rainbow. A time to be silent and stare in awe at what was going on around me. It was beautiful and all I could think about was I wish my family and friends could be standing here seeing this too. It was totally still outside but yet the tiny ice crystals were floating in all directions and if my camera would have worked I would have gotten a photo of it. It just doesn't capture the fine detail so that moment is etched in my mind forever.

Here it is February and many people are fussing about the snow and I experience one of the rare wonders of living and enjoying snow. Many I know would not have stopped to really look at the wonder that was happening and attributed it to other things. I couldn't pull myself away from it. If there had been music it would have been heavenly music I know for certain.

So we live in snow for most of the year, and while others may grouse about having to deal with it we tend to use it for entertainment and powerful moments like the one I experienced this morning. I hope you enjoy our Mother Earth News blog about proper use of time. Time spent enjoying the breath taking beauty around you is not wasted at all. It is balm for you soul.

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Raylene said...

Poor is the person who fails to realize such a Godly Gift! I had my moment this morning watching a very large Bald Eagle watching the song birds at my bird feeder. He was absolutly glorious . It is such an unexpected event in the middle of such a huge population. Thankfully, no chickadees were lost!..not that I don't have enough.