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Thursday, February 9, 2012


I did a blog for Mother Earth News about our Toyota tractor.

Have you ever hesitated about buying something and then after you have it wonder how you did without it all those years. That was me with the tractor. It has become such a useful tool that I honestly don't know how I managed without it. When we decided to buy it we realized it was a major investment and it would take us years to pay off. Living on a fixed income made that decision difficult but we finally made the leap and I don't know how I could do without this hard working little machine.

It has graded and groomed the driveway, hauled our firewood, pulled and pushed trees over, pulled stumps, leveled areas, kept snow clear, mulched our tree limbs and brush, taken the dogs for hay rides, and so many other jobs that I can't recall them all. If people could work as hard as a tractor does we could push the earth out of orbit.

It is one of the hardest working machines that I have ever had the privilege to have. I give it routine maintenance and keep it running well. It returns the favor by keeping me from having to work so hard, and doing those hard tasks so I don't have to.

When it comes to making a job easier I'm all for that. I also reported on our local Co-op, and how good it is to be a member. I am a firm believer when you have been treated well that you should share that information and when it comes to the member owned Monte Vista Co-op we have always been treated very well. I hope readers will use the above link and check out my blog about our Kubota tractor. The one think I did not mention is if you live in a cold place like we do getting a block heater installed is vital to being able to start your tractor when it is cold outside.

I guess it is not hard to tell how much we like our tractor and how I would recommend Kubota any time - any place. Small but powerful and hard to consider living without one.

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