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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weight Loss - Attitude And Commitment

Two months on my regime of weight loss and so far so good. I read that New Year resolutions are mostly abandon in the first thirty days. That is why I did not make this commitment a New Years resolution but instead a commitment starting the third week of January.

It takes us months or years to gain weight and then when we suddenly realize that we need to get some of it off our bodies we want instant results. We can get instant results in most other areas of our lives why not this too? We get on some radical diet or fad diet and see a little immediate success and then revert back to the very same things that got us into that condition in the first place. It worked initially it will work again won't it?

My approach is to look to the long haul, not seek instant quick results but to plod along at a slow rate with small but steady and measurable successes. I went back to working out with my weight bench routine by using more repetitions and not as heavy weights. Bench pressing 125 lbs is half what I used to do and at my age I don't need those heavy weights and stress on old joints. I did not change my core diet as we eat healthy anyway - thanks to Carol. I did cut out sugar but still reward myself with two dark chocolate dove pieces a day. I cut out sweet deserts, between meal snacks and watch my intake but don't bother with counting calories. I want this to have long term benefits not short term fast fix temporary benefits. I believe that is why so many people end up using a diet like a roller coaster ride. Slowly climb the hill, hit the top of a peak and then scream down into the very same situation that got you there to begin with and then the slow climb up the next hill.

My goal was to lose 4-5 pounds a month, not a week. It took years to add the weight on and it only makes sense to me to take it off methodically and slowly over time. Thus far my system is working and I have lost 9 pounds in two months. Two more months to go and I should be at my ideal weight. I also only weigh myself once a month. Body weight fluctuates daily and can be discouraging when you weigh yourself to often.

They have TV shows like the Biggest Loser where people are grossly overweight and the one that loses the most weight wins $250,000.00. They spend all day in the gym, engage in drama, backbiting and take off double digit numbers a week. They lose in a week more than I lose in a month. I think that sends the wrong message to the viewing public, by reinforcing the quick weight loss concept it is entertaining but not practical for most folks like myself. Besides not many of us can spend all day exercising. My routine takes about 25 minutes and an awareness of what I am eating. I also note that the trainers address their attitude as much as teaching good weight loss techniques. Attitude and desire seem to me to be as important as techniques. Stop making excuses for yourself and adjust your attitude for what is best for you in the long haul.

It is my opinion that you need to set realistic goals that can be achieved over the long term to have any lasting results. You need to have a realistic attitude and commitment and not a quick fix approach. People set rigid goals and then when they fail to keep them they lose confidence in themselves and revert back to the same old bad habits or give up entirely. When your system falters or you falter you need to keep looking ahead and persist. I believe my goals are not only realistic but obtainable even with their unforeseen ups an downs.

We will see how this plays out but for the moment it seems to be working as predicted. I will report back next month. It is not only the four months I have set aside but the many months and years that follow after I hit my ideal weight that will determine if it is a success or not.


Barbara J. Galasso said...

Well good luck Bruce with your weight loss program. I know that losing it slowly is the way to good, but like everything else with me......I'm too impatient with that. God's still working on me with my lack of patience, believe me!

Carol said...

you have a plan and are sticking to it. i am proud of you! xoxoxo :)+

Bruce said...

Barbara: I have tried to make my plan easy enough to where there are more successes than failures. Eating is enjoyable and to totally change a diet seems counter productive to me. Good food is one of those rare things we can do as long as it is in moderation.
I guess it is where you place expectations on yourself. For me instant results that are acceptable is a pound per week. Some look for bigger and faster results but my expectation is that a slow decline in weight is as good as one where your goal is set higher and you end up with more failure than success.
Some folks would have already lost their goal weight but would be falling back into old habits and packing it back on already. Sort of the tortoise and the hare program for me. I may be slower getting there but the win will be sweet to enjoy.
I have bad knees so when I get to my ideal weight my knees don't hurt nearly as much. I get tired of the constant pain when I am over weight, even 20 lbs. Slow and steady will get the job done too.

Mary W. said...

Just found your blog on Mother Earth News a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoy learning about another way of life. Congratulations on your weight loss! I know how hard it can be. Your words inspire me to keep trying. Great reminder about making small changes and to stop making excuses.Congrats!
Take Care to you and Carol,

Patricia said...

Congrats on your success. I'm one of those people that tends to use food as a reward, so I really need to rewire my thinking. Then, I could get these extra pounds off and not feel deprived.

Bruce said...

Thanks Mary: I'm glad you found my blog. I can't tell you in mere words how humbling it is to hear that yourself and others are either inspired or able to learn something from my topics.

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