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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Appreciation For Planet Earth - Sakoieta Widrick

For all of my life I have been involved in a very sacred relationship with the Creator. I have found through my life by following a way of life that was considered to be righteous by our people, that the Crator was always there looking out for me. What was amazing in this realization though was how much freedom I had to make the choices I make and also in receiving the consequences of those choices, that the Creator was no less loving or caring even when my choices were not the best I could have made.There were times I forgot to offer thanks. Times I forgot to meditate on what it means to be a Mohawk man living in this world of today, trying to follow an ancient lifestyle that was deeply imbedded in understanding the spiritual nature of the natural world as well as coming to more and more understanding of it’s Creator.There were times I ate all the wrong foods. There were times I neglected to breathe deeply of the Creators good green earth. In this relationship I found I was not to blame for everything, but I was learning as I went along and grew both in stature, life and faith. The one thing I did learn was that the great Creator leads us into the paths we should follow if we just take the time to listen and if we do listen it is life and good health to our bones. We will always get to where he wants to have us go and many times may take us by the longer scenic route.

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Carol said...

words of wisdom, for sure. i had a friend once tell me that it is like we have many forks in the road. we have the option of making a bad or a good choice....and even when we make a bad one, there will be another "fork in the road" where again, we will have the choice of a good or bad decision. ultimately it is a very good thing when we realize that the Creator is there for us through it all! :)+