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Sunday, September 16, 2012

One More Truth From Sakoieta Widrick

I hope that this will inspire others like it has inspired me.  I recently reported the intentional blockage of a vital creek to authorities.  Dealing with government agencies can be daunting for any individual but thankfully I had another person who helped and reported to Federal authorities.  There were many times that I wanted to toss in the towel but circumstances and my own conscience kept that from occurring.  I find Sakoieta's words not only worthy but now that we are on the brink of the creek being restored I find them to be very true.  I had followed his model of doing a task without being aware of it at the time.

Here is what Sakoieta has to say:
"‎"With endless patience you shall carry out your duties" (The Peacemaker). Each time I have ever come across this in my life it has made me stop and think and question how I do things that need to be done everyday. This requires focusing on the things that need to be done. Having a good attidtude about it. Doing things until they are complete and finished in a good way, whether these are daily jobs or also involve working at relationships. Then the appreciation of having done things in a good way and being thankful for the ability to be able to do them. I follow a way of working that was given to me along time ago by our people. A four part cycle that begins with a time of preparation, gathering the "tools" necessary for the job. Procedure, what method am I going to use to put these tools to work to get the job done, Progression, starting the job and working at it with thankfulness for the ability and knowledge to do it, Fulfillment, finishing the job and getting it done, whether it is work I have had to do for me or others. Finishing it in a way that allows me to put my "mark" on it and knowing it was done as best as can be. Hmm endless patience. What a gift".

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