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Monday, September 10, 2012

While I was feeding the dogs this morning I happened to look out the window and saw several elk walking out of the woods across the road.  One cow worked her way up the mountain and was browsing next to the house.  Snuck out on the deck and took a photo of her (above).  There were a mother and two little baby elk working their way along the ditch that I couldn't get a photo of - to far away.  A bull kept bugling but this cow ignored him. Almost any time I go out with the dogs into the back yard I can hear a bull elk bugle.
This is one of the premium times of the year here in the mountains.  Crisp air, the smell of fall and elk in the air.  You can enlarge the photo by clicking on it.  A few days ago I saw a coyote prowling around.  Then before that we had a large flock of turkeys in the back yard with many little turkeys in the flock.  When we go out we just never know what we may see.  I will probably stop posting photos of animals soon as it is now hunting season and in the past poachers have used the blog to conduct their evil activity.  They see elk and deer on the blog and then try to poach them around our area.

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