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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Blog On Small Engine Repair

Check out my latest blog on small engine repair courses: 


Sakoieta said...

Another excellent post, Bruce. I was always taught the three "P’s" of survival. Preparation, procedure, progression and then fulfillment. Prep = taking the time to get the tools needed for the job. Procedure = deciding what the best way is to use the tools you have chosen and how you will get things done as needed. Progression = actually taking and making the time to do things and going from start to finish to get it done either at one time or through planned extensions of time to do it. Fulfillment. Being able to assess the job that has been done and getting ready for the Prep needed for the next one. :)

Anonymous said...

It was a excitement locating your site yesterday. I came here right hoping to learn something new. And I was not dissatisfied. Your well thought out ideas for new events like this. Thank you for this idea and sharing your knowledge.

Mikey Bravo said...

This is an awesome blog! I have always wanted to learn how to do small engine repairs, and you have really helped me out. Thank you so much!