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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Animal Rescue From My Perspective

 Above is Jry one of the rescues that went through the GSD Rescue I volunteer for.  He was almost dead from starvation when he was rescued.  Look at him now and you will see why being able to save even one dog is worth all the effort.  What a handsome boy he is.

This is Joie who came from another rescue and is now the sister of Jry.  They are totally enamored with each other and are inseparable. To learn more go to my most recent blog for Mother Earth News at the following link.


Susan said...

Thanksgiving Day, 2012, at 10:25 Molly passed away. The infection after her surgery acted in conjunction with the cancer to ravage her system. Our beloved gentle giant was helped into peace so that she is no longer suffering.

Molly was a rescue dog. One day we were driving along the road to town and just after the curve something small and black caught my eye. It was moving and looked scared. I insisted we go back. We've always been glad we did.

There was this bundle of fur who'd been dumped out onto the road. She'd obviously not been there too long...just in time for us to come along. Although we made efforts to find her a home (We already had 2 Jack Russells)it was half-hearted. She wormed her way into our hearts with her "ruuuurr."

The vet said she had a chip out of her spine from being thrown, but it never seemed to bother her.
Her legs however, did. She had surgery to fix both hips and she recovered from that.

Two of her big brothers stole her bones and in general ticked her off. Not a complaint did she make. Until she got bigger, realized she was bigger abd had a bigger voice!

Shortly after we found each other, we rescued another Jack Russell who had been horribly abused, so much that even today he has some mental "glitches." He too had to have double hip surgery.

In the years since, our gentle giant stole their bones, their pillows, treats and finished their bowls for them. :) She would bark at the wind or anything she chose.

When someone unknown came to our door her big paws would come into contact with the wood with a booming whoof! scaring the hell out of them.

Her three buddies knew it was time and are grieving, but we know she'll be waiting for them, and us.

Bruce said...

Susan: So sorry for Molly's passing. Even when you know it is coming it doesn't make it one bit easier. On this day of National Thanksgiving for all our blessing you can give thanks for all the joy, memories, happiness and love Molly gave you. You can also be thankful that Molly suffers no more and that she is romping like a puppy again having crossed that rainbow bridge. We are so sorry for your loss.

Susan said...

Thank you for your kind words Bruce and Carol.