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Friday, November 23, 2012

Positive Or Negative, By Sakoieta'

There are the two energies that were brought to this Earth, the positive and the negative. As soon as one energy starts or continues movement the other responds as well. We know as human beings that often when we take a step to do something that we have seen needs to be done, we are working with the good spiritual energy. As soon as we start or begin we can count on the negative energy also beginning in the form of opposition to what we are doing. We are doing something that all may have seen needs to be done but few have done it. No one else may have had the courage to do it, but criticism doesn’t take courage. Action does. If you want to move mountains then move them. Don’t let anything stop your good words or constructive work and don’t listen to negative talk, unfair criticism or gossip stop you from doing what you set out to do. Listen intently to the good spirit. It will help you learn what is there to help you or what is there to criticize you and try to destroy you.

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