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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yikes - Plumbing Emergency

Never expected to have a plumbing emergency yesterday morning when we woke up but plumbing emergency we did have.   The toilet became plugged and wouldn't plunge clear.  Called some local plumbers advising of our emergency and that we only had one toilet in the house.  The one who was willing to come right out was John Jones a small business man in Alamosa.  He was here in two hours and methodically went through our system to find the blockage.  Ran a snake down the main sewer line, snaked out the toilet,  checked the vent stack to make sure it was not blocked and when it still did not work right zeroed in on the toilet.
He had to remove the toilet, clean it out remove the blockage.  That was dirty work folks and he finally finished at 7:30 P.M. and when he left we were back in business.  Neither of us had ever seen a plugged toilet that a plumbing snake couldn't clear but that was the problem.  After fixing the problem he had to re install the toilet and voila we were good to go (no pun intended) again.
John is a pleasant young man that is knowledgeable and efficient.  He has been in business for five years which gives him experience galore.  I would highly recommend him to anyone with a plumbing emergency.  He was in Monte Vista when we called him and as soon as he finished that job he came right to our problem.  Total bill: $140.00.  That is not only reasonable but service was prompt and efficient. He had to drive 1 1/2 hours to get to us, and was here two hours working on the problem.
I would definitely give John Jones a five star rating.  His card and telephone number are above.  If we have a problem again (I hope we don't) John Jones would be the first person I would call at Valley ROTO Rooter.  


Patricia said...

I may pass that info along to the guy we rent the cabin from. Last fall, it took three trips and $1,000 for the plumber he used to get the hot water working in the bathroom. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

I'll put this gentlemens name in my book for future use,based on your referal.

Seymour Hiney said...

Glad that John fixed your john and was Johnny on the spot ;)