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Monday, November 5, 2012

Give Blood - Play Hockey, Tee Shirt

Are we going to be outsmarted by Echo?  Short answer - probably.  Echo had surgery almost two weeks ago and his 15 stitches are starting to bother him.  Friday night he managed to lick two of his stitches out so he had a gap in his incision about 1/2" long.  First thing Saturday morning off we go for the hour drive to the Vet.  He said to leave it alone and it would scab over and heal up and wait another week to have his remaining stitches out.  We had a thunder shirt on him to keep him from licking his stitches and while that worked somewhat it was not the remedy we wanted.  We called the vet to buy an Elizabethan collar for him.  Of course they only had a 30 and a 40.  They asked the distance from his nose to his collar and we measured that to be 14 inches.  Of course the collar only comes metric in centimeters. While we fumble around on long distance phone charges and try to change inches into centimeters they say just bring him to them (1 1/2 hour drive one way) and they would fit him with the collar he needs.    
As we are deciding what to do for him we came on the idea of putting a heavy tee shirt on him.  After wrestling two out of three falls with him we finally got my 'give blood - play hockey' tee shirt on him.  These are the photos of a very unhappy Echo with a tee shirt on.  He licks his incision and sometimes scratches it with his back leg.  He can't lose any more stitches and we don't want him getting infection from licking it.   

Clearly he and I wear the same tee shirt size and he says he is not a big hockey fan to begin with.  He wanted one of my Seminole tee shirts but with them winning they are all dirty from me wearing them.  I almost put a camo tee shirt on him but we were afraid we would lose track of him in the back yard.  Maybe he would like a turtle neck tee better...He has copped a mood now so probably not good to mess with him any more.  I don't think he wants his brother and sister to see him dressed like this.  


Sakoieta said...

But a good "Play Lacrosse" T shirt probably would have done it for him since it wasthe animals that gave us as Mohawks the game way back at the time of creation. :)

Susan said...

Thank you for posting about Echo's situation. I've been following your blog for awhile and a few days ago read about Echo's incision and why he had it.

We promptly took our dog Molly,
a 9year old rottweiler, german shepherd mix, to the vet. Molly has a cyst that hardened (which looked like Echo's bump).

Sadly, while at the vet it was discovered that the other "bump" under her armpit that we have concerns about, means Molly has to have surgery. The hardened bump will be removed for her comfort.

This morning we were informed that Molly has cancer. Hopefully it was caught early enough to save her life; reality is, the vet says that if it has spread throughout her body then we will enjoy her company for less than a year.

It's possible that we and the vet wouldn't have realized for some time that Molly had such a medical issue if I hadn't checked out your blog a few days ago. Thank you.

Bruce said...

Thank you Susan. One of the reasons I do this blog is for others to maybe learn from my experience and mistakes. I hope Molly was caught in time and makes a full recovery. Thank you for your encouraging comments and I will pray for Molly and her full recovery.

Susan said...

Thanks for your prayers Bruce. We take our gentle giant in tomorrow morning, we'll find out if she's well enough to go thru the surgery. If she is, it's tomorrow and if all goes well we'll have her home on Friday morning.