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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wisdom And Excellent Thoughts From Sakoieta'

Sakoieta Widrick
There are states of being, states of order or laws if we want to call them that. They really do govern everything we do and experience. These are things that must be followed and kept if we are to be able to be happy and do well in life. The laws we follow in music assure we hit the right notes in order to create the melody. Mathematics reveal that there are laws to follow if we want to solve mathematical problems. Faith also has laws. We use faith even when we are not aware of it. At times if we disregard it’s laws or not allow them to work things may turn out negative. If we do not follow these "laws" it is not their fault if things don’t work out. It is ours because we chose to ignore them. With faith, no one can take it away. If we lose it or ignore it it is because we chose to do so. Faith was born to open doors, to see beyond appearances, to be able to forgive, to move us into new realms of reality that are immeasurable and unlimited. Most of us would never violate the laws of mathematics, or music or other laws, yet often we question the laws of faith or deny them totally and then wonder why things turned out the way they did and we tend to blame faith as a result. Yet it is the most used law everyday that we live here on the earth.

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