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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wisdom From Sakoieta

Listening to some of the occasional ads and saw once again the worst disease we have ever experienced raising it’s head again. This disease has affected the world in so many negative ways. It is the disease of love and lust over material things that often we do not need but want and pursue with such focus until we get it that we often ignore the most important parts in life of love, family, friends, peace and respect, for ourselves, others, and the natural world. All in a rush to be able to obtain something that we feel we have a right to want and obtain at any expense. We see that disease come back with a vengeance especially at this time of year and people seem to forget what most people want is to be wanted, needed, loved and appreciated and to feel they are part of something special called family whether it is biological family or just being with a group who have chosen to treat each other in that manner and live in this way. It amazes me at how much society chases the God of "I want" without realizing what the long term detrimental affects may be. I hope all people will look at helping to create these families of caring during the holidays if they do not already exist. That is my wish for this time of season and all during the year.

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Carol said...

A good one. We get our small weekly local newspaper and in the last one there were some short letters to Santa from 3rd graders, I think. Most of them mentioned wanting an iPad!! I remember back in the day being thrilled to death when my sister and I got a used Smith-Corona typewriter for Christmas. The love of money is the root of all evil.........