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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let Me Introduce Jry and Joie

Can you tell that these two are enthralled in each other?  That is Jry on the left and Joie on the right.  Jry is now a calendar star and Joie is his largest fan.

Had you seen Jry before he was adopted from the rescue which I volunteer for you would never recognize.him now.  He was so emaciated that he could not stand without assistance. He was less than half his normal weight and had lost muscle mass. When he was rescued he was near death from starvation and it took a long time for his rehabilitation. Some nervous moments during his recovery but his care was exceptional plus he had a desire to survive.  As you can see he is now a happy boy who adores his new sister. His new parents couldn't be better.  The depth of their love for these two exceeds anything I have witnessed.  These are their "kids" and there is no amount of pampering they do not receive.  Once in every great while we find adopters that exceed even our expectations (which are very high)  and Jry and Joie have found their way to the best home I have known.

So meet Jry and Joie the two of the most deserving 'kids' possible. We have remained in contact with Jry and Joie's parents since they were adopted even though Joie had came from another rescue. I have come to know them well and a friendship has developed that Jry and his miserable circumstances made possible. Thanks Jry; you deserve every bit of spoiled life possible. You are a very handsome boy and your sister is one beautiful lady.  You gained two outstanding - loving parents and we gained two friends.  Thanks...      

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