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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Want To Learn More? Ask Sakoieta'

"I continue to find it still humorous as well as alarming at how many non-Native people still know little or nothing about our people and spew forth their ignorance at every chance they get. Ask them about hockey stats and they can tell you the stats for years past as well as individual player stats every time, or ask them about baseball or football and you get the same responses. But ask them any thing about Indigenous issues and you get the same old stereotypical verbal diaharrea about how we get every thing free and how Canadians are suffering because it is their taxpaying dollars that are funding us and all of us should just get off our lazy butts, get jobs and start paying taxes like everyone else. I have said it beofre and I’ll say it again. I have no problem with people who are ignorat of the issues and want to learn but I have a great deal of problem with people who are ignorant and want to stay that way. So to those out their who still continue to carry these outdated, BS beliefs about our people, if your going to still stay "idle" with your misinformed education about us, still singing that same old racist rant at least put it into a beat that we can dance too. LOL."

Sakoieta and Robert have taught me much about their culture.  If you have misconceptions and questions feel free to ask Sakoieta' as he gets automatic notification on all postings and comments on this blog site.  You may be surprised at just how his culture has influenced things like our constitution and legal process.  I share his angst over being stereotyped unjustly.  I had the good fortune of attending High School with an Iroquois girl who shared a lot of her history with me.  Sakoieta' is a patient and well versed educator so feel free to ask him questions.  You just might come away with a different perspective.   

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Bruce said...

As a follow up to the above comment here is what indigenous people have to deal with.
Interestingly I ran into an older gentleman who asked me why Indians are so angry. His understanding was, Haven’t we as Canadians taken care of your people better than they can take care of themselves." When I calmly explained a few things he asked me as well, "why are you so angry??" I laughed and said, "Angry???? I’m just expaing to you the faulty bit of thinking you possess." With that he said he didn’t want to hear anymore and walked away saying. "We should be thanking Canadians for helping us to become better people." Unreal or what???