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Saturday, April 13, 2013

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Perhaps some have wondered why none of my blogs for Mother Earth News have been cross posted to our personal blog site here.  I have one in the hopper to be published but Mother is changing over to a better system.  Going strictly from memory, when I first started to write a blog for Mother several years ago they were getting roughly one million viewers per week on the web site.  The blogs were getting over 30,000 per week.  That has increased to where their system needs to be updated to accommodate all the viewer's who are looking at that site world wide.  

Therefore they have the original system shut down for new entries while they make the transition to the new system. I'm told the new system will be very much improved and easier for us bloggers to use. Sometimes it took quite a while to get a blog posted (days) and I'm really looking forward to the new system. The latest 'hopeful' date to be up and running is next Monday but my guess the IT guys will have to recover from their nervous breakdown first.  I can't imagine the second largest magazine in the country switching over to a newer and improved high capacity system.  What a colossal headache that must be. As soon as the new system is up and running and tested for any flaws  I will be posting again on Mother Earth blog site. I'm told that there will be no sub headings like Happy Homesteader and that we will all be posting under just one heading. Also that our individual blogs will be linked so those readers who follow us individually or by topic can do so.  

It is also difficult for readers to post a comment on a blog presently and hopefully that will improve and more dialog will be possible.  So as soon as their system is up and running again I will cross post my weekly blog to this site too.  

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